Brickwork Examples


Replacement 8ft wall. The client had to remove the existing wall at their business premises. We matched the existing brick to create a new wall that linked back into the entrance gate.


We use London brick with waterproof damping to the base of the wall to stop corrosion.

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Garden Wall with a handmade red stock brick.  The original wall was in poor condition which had to be replaced with something that was in keeping with the main building design, but also something that can last the test of time with a weatherproofed and strong structure.


We use two course of creasing tile to allow the water to run off the brickwork with a blue engineer as a edging brick which works great in all weather conditions.

Weather damaged garden wall in need of repair in Reading, Berkshire. The type of brick used in and around the Reading area is call a wire brick, they are made slightly larger then today's brick and all made by hand. We were lucky enough to re-use some of the bricks and provided matching bricks for the rest of the build.

Wire Brick.jpg
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Red Leicester Brick Garage with Roof Timber installed

Traditional hand made London yellow stock brick garden wall repair job, before/after.

Ivy Wall.jpg

Multi-brick garden wall.

Garden Wall.jpg
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Finished image of driveway in Blue engineer edging brick, Black limestone slabs laid with curved steps up into front door of property

Front 9 inch thick Garden wall with two pillars using multi stock brick and a soldier course on top

Blue Brick Wall