Extension Examples

Bespoke Outbuilding

Start to finish outbuilding for clients use of office/cinema room.

Foundations were excavated with four grab loaders worth of soil, with 25m2 of concrete poured with a boomerang lorry to lay brickwork and blockwork up to DPC (damp proof course). We installed the block and beam floor with telescopic air bricks to allow airflow and let the building breathe which is future-proofing against potential damp and condensation issues.


Brickwork and Blockwork was built to 2.6m high with two lintels which support the structural openings of the building.

The roofing was 8x2 timbers installed every 450mm centres across the top, with two rows of noggins which stops the timber from twisting and warping over time. We also installed two skylights, creating natural daylight to flood the space. In keeping with the high standard of finish, the skylights can be opened/locked via an app on a phone.

To finish the roof, we installed marine ply over the timber with a fiberglass roof lining for water tight the structure.

The outside of the structure was created with a Scandinavian cladding which contains no knotting to the wood giving off a minimalist look. Finishing the outside off with two sets of sliding doors, guttering and fascias.

Newly created workshop/garage from start to finish.

We started with clearing the space and creating the foundations for the structure. We used engineered brick up to damp proof course. Concrete blocks up to wall plate height.

We constructed the roof with 7x2 timbers at 400mm centers with three rows of noggins to stop timbers twisting and complying with building regulations. 18mm ply on top of the rafters with a fiberglass roof.

PVC Window with timber hinged garage doors. LED Strip lighting inside with 8x double sockets, using a separate RCD unit to the main property under building regulations.

We finished the outside of the building with treated timber cladding for a natural look and finish.

Workshop Garage

New extended brick porch. We fitted a new front door, with brick and roof tiles to match the properties existing brick as well as drainage a fascia boards.

We also plastered the inside of the porch and hallway as well as creating a walkway opening where the original front door used to be.

Garage conversion to utility room and second bathroom.

We fully insulated the room bringing it up to building regulations, before installing the bathroom, additional lighting and utility space cupboards and shelving units.

garage conversion